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It goes without saying that free Wi-Fi is not a craze, but a significant need for everyone, who has ever used the internet and seen the unlimited benefits it ensures. Wherever you go and whatever you do, the wireless network facility is always there. This is very crucial for all categories of user – students, travelers, businessmen etc.

Regardless of the popularity of this latest technique and the benefits it offers, there are also potential safety issues that are widely talked about these days. While the number of people, who use the internet on the go, keeps growing at immense speed, the number of users involved in fake activities keeps growing as well. These people understand the role the Internet plays in our life and use these skills for their own advantage. By getting unauthorized access to personal and business data of people and firms, they grow their profit and this is seriously how they earn their living. In addition, they don’t have to waste their time and effort searching for all the available Wi-Fi hotpots. In its place, they use online facilities that have been created for the advantages of people, but are regularly used for infected purposes these days. These are special online records of free Wi-Fi access points that offer exhaustive data about the hotpots, which is a great benefit for the hackers.

Types of Wi-Fi Cyber Threats

There are several kinds of Wi-Fi cyber threats that are the most extensive nowadays. But, you can never know, when the latest ones will surface and what attack they can cause to your confidential data. Among the most famous and regularly reported wireless network threats, it makes sense to point out the following:

  • Wireless packet injection
  • Active attacks (IP spoofing, service attacks denial etc.)
  • Passive attacks
  • MITM attacks
  • 11 injection attacks
  • Signal jamming attacks
  • Password cracking
  • PSK Guessing

Each of these cyber threat types has its own characteristics, features as well as prevention techniques. At the same time, you should understand that prevention of cyber threats may be effective and beneficial only if you are able to find the possibility of the threat even before it happens.

Techniques to Find Wi-Fi Cyber Threats

The type of threat detection depends a lot upon its kind and characteristics. However, experts use such techniques as:

Wi-Fi Points Tracking

how-to-add-security-to-a-wifi-network (1)

Management of Wi-Fi access points only is not enough to protect the whole wireless network system. Continuous Wi-Fi node monitoring is regularly required as well. For this reason, the experts keep track of this problem by means of special system administration techniques. They make sure the Wi-Fi nodes are linked to the access points, while all the disconnections and connections are parsed and logged for the possible threat signals. This is done round-the-clock to make sure the maximum safety of the business data.

Access Point Tracking

When it comes to tracking of the access points of company, much alertness and skills are required not to overlook serious danger signals. To boost security features, special mobile gadgets and wireless monitoring systems are used these days, particularly in large firms, where the leak of any data may trigger unpredictable penalties. By verifying the integrity of all the corporate Wi-Fi access points, technicians can make sure that nothing attacks the security of the wireless network.

Traffic Control

Apart from the above mentioned ways, system administrators of big enterprises regularly check the data samples of each Wi-Fi access point to check whether the signs of SYN flood attacks or service denial are seen there. In case they find frequent disconnection and connection signals from one or numerous clients nodes on a particular access point, they assume the situation abnormal.

Reliable Antivirus

Antivirus also plays a major role in securing your device from cyber threats once your device is compromised. Antivirus blocks the malwares from entering your device. Eset is one of the reputed and secured Anti-virus among all available in the market. The after sale service of the Eset is also outstanding, user can contact Eset Technical Support for any assistance. The technicians are always available to help the user at any time of the day.


Illegal wireless threats are frequently registered these days and this issue should not be left unnoticed. What actually makes the condition even more serious and harmful is that most types of Wi-Fi cyber threats are not easily identified. This triggers the need for large firms to hire skilled system administrators, who will be responsible for making sure the safety of the company data. Advanced safety measures and techniques should not be ignored as well.