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Hackers all over the globe are getting highly advanced with the innovative technology and now there are several ways you can become victim of online attacks without even knowing anything of it. Here are few reasons from Trend Micro Support, that you are not aware of, but actually they are causing serious loss.

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1.) Email Tricks

Email tricks are the finest method used by criminals of attacking people and cheating them these days. For instance, receiving an email from the “official” for your expertise to send a big amount of money out of the country. You’re affirmed a commission if you help, but prior to that your bank info and some money to cover several fees is required. Once you give the info, you fall an easy prey to them.

Threatening Signs:

  1. You are unaware of the sender.
  2. Email includes grammatical and spelling errors.
  3. The offer seems too good to be real.

Avoid Being a Prey:

  1. Don’t tap on any URLs or open any file attachments.
  2. Never respond to the email.
  3. Contact Local FBI, Trend Micro Technical Support for help.

2.) Banking Threat

Receiving an email regrading a security breach of your bank account is quite threatening. The email includes a URL link redirecting to the bank website. Once all details are logged in by you using credentials like username, password or card info, the fake website gain accesses to your identity and money.

Threatening Signs:

  1. The email received is vital, that you must respond now or the account will be suspended.
  2. The email doesn’t indicate your identity.
  3. The email address is doubtful.
  4. The URL is not accurate e.g. bankinfo.somethingelese.com

Avoid Being a Prey:

  • Never open or visit any URLs to the bank website through emails, open the URL of your bank separately in a web browser window.

3.) Social Network Frauds

Social network has turn out to be a place where a person can be scammed within seconds. Install a plug-in to see who has viewed your profile on Facebook, Insta or Twitter. Install a social media plug-in that can change its functionality like social media background color. These are completely malware threats.

Threatening Signs:

  1. The content is not recommendable having abusive and adult content.
  2. If it needs additional steps to view, for sure take a review or check the message first.

Avoid Being a Prey:

  1. Review the applications on Google before installing it in the device.

4.) Cyber-Bullying Scam

You get a threatening email of cyber-bullying like, kill you or harm your family or kidnap you. Attacker asking for money, or has files loaded with malwares attached to it.

Threatening Signs:

  1. Email includes inappropriate English.
  2. Attacker asks for money.

Avoid Being a Prey

  1. Verify the social media credentials and ensure they are private.
  2. Don’t reply to the email- you’ll only check your email address is active and enhance communication.

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