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Almost every one of us gets a promotional SMS every day on our phone. Most of these SMSs comes from known entities like our favorite clothing store, shoe store or food joint. And some SMSs could be from totally unknown persons like magazines, astrologers or dating sites and so on.

What we want to share here is, it is more than likely that our mobile numbers are distributed all over the retail market. And how is that possible? Well this is not the point of sdiscuusion here. The need of the situation is to know that our contact numbers are used by a big bunch of people. And among this bunch of people are cyber crooks, online scammers, hackers and all those people who think honest living is quite a difficult task to handle.tac-phone-011014b (1)

So, it is more than possible that one fine day you might get an SMS or even a WhatsApp message that says “Your order release is delayed. Please verify its status here: URL“ or “Your account is blocked. Please unlock it here: URL“ or “Get FREE 3G and movie tickets here: URL“ and so on. Some of these SMSs may sound scary and some alluring. But they all have one objective – to trick you into tapping on that link. And once you do that, it’s game over! It will load a malware on your phone and you won’t have any idea about it. Only when you start finding that your phone bills are unnecessarily high or your bank account has been used without your authorization, the realization will dawn upon you that something is not correct with your mobile. But by then, it may be too late.

So, here are some tips that you should remember:

  • Do not share your mobile number on the Internet. If you do so, read or check the website’s privacy policy first. It will help you know how and where is your details is being used.
  • Do not click on links received from unknown SMSs, emails, WhatsApp messages, or any type of notification at all.
  • Don’t share your phone number as a reply to any advertisement (like easy paying jobs, work from home,etc.) you see on the roadside, the bus you take to work and online.
  • Never share your banking information over calls, no matter how skilled the caller may seems.
  • Block unknown users. You can make use of the Trend Micro Mobile Security App for this. The Trend Micro security software is a reliable software that can simply fix all the issues and remove viruses from the mobile. If you have accidentally clicked on any of the link sent via SMS, then don’t panic simply use the features of Trend Muiicro Antivirus. You can avail Trend Micro Tech Support for your mobile by calling on the Toll free number of company.
  • Install a reliable mobile security app on your mobile that can block malware and viruses, and stop installation of fake and infected apps.

Latest Security Update:

A fake SMS is being spread among users in several European countries. The SMS fools the user into clicking on a link, which then downloads a malware on their mobile. The malware waits for the user to use a particular app (which the malware is designed to target). Once the application is opened, the malware simply places a forged screen on top of the genuine app. This screen asks the user to enter their bank account details or credit/debit card details. This malware is known to replica itself as Facebook, WhatsApp and other popular Android apps.