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Your presence here shows that either you have fall for a problem that your iPhone won’t turn on or you want to know out of interest how to fix the issue if iPhone won’t turn on.  Depending on what’s really going on with your iPhone, the solution may be very simple as well as complex. Here is a guide to help you in determining the reason why your iPhone won’t turn on and fixing every problem you encounter with.

The very first thing you need to know is if it is a software problem or hardware problem.  Before heading towards the solution, it is important to know whether a hardware or software problem is preventing your iPhone from turning on. We’ll start with your iPhone’s software as it is the easiest to troubleshoot and usually users face the same situation. The hardware issues that can cause the problem will be in the later section of this article.


support for iOS issues

Support for iOS Issues

Why iPhone won’t turn on?

Sometimes, your iPhone doesn’t turn on because the software has crashed or you need to reset or restore. Or another reason may be related to a faulty hardware that is preventing your iPhone from booting up. So just follow the troubleshooting process after knowing the real reasons why your iPhone won’t turn on.

  1. Software Crash

Many of the iPhone users face this problem. If you know that this is the problem of software or if you see your iPhone with a blank screen, hard reset may immediately bring back your phone back to life. So you can try for it. To perform a hard reset on your iPhone, press and hold down the Sleep / Wake button (the power button) along with the Home button for at least 20 seconds or longer or until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

Note: iPhone 7 or later model users will need to hard reset your iPhone by holding down the power button and the volume down button instead of the Home button. Otherwise, the process is the same.

Why a hard reset can fix an iPhone that won’t turn on?

The problem was never with your iPhone if a hard reset can fix your iPhone that won’t turn on. Many people think that their iPhone won’t turn on if it’s displaying a black screen and not responding. They don’t know that their iPhone is on, but the software has crashed. It is a common mistake that most of the people make because in that condition an iPhone become almost indistinguishable from an iPhone that’s turned off.

In a typical scenario people also reported that their iPhone wouldn’t turn on yesterday, but when they plugged it and trued it on after waking up in the morning, it suddenly turned on. In that scenario, what may have happened is their battery ran out in the middle of the night and their iPhone really turned off. When you plug in your phone after it run out of the battery, the iPhone rebooted from scratch. The same thing happens to the software when you perform a hard reset.

Once you know that your iPhone won’t turn on because there is a problem with your iPhone’s software, it is recommend creating backup and restoring your iPhone.

  1. Check your lightning cable and charger

Try charging your iPhone with another charger and cable to check if your iPhone is getting charged or not. Or alternatively, charge someone else’s iPhone with your cable and your charger to check if both are working fine.

It is common, but less-documented issue that some iPhones will not charge with the wall charger, but they will charge only when they are connected to a laptop computer. It may also possible that your friend’s iPhone will charge from the same cable and wall charger whereas your iPhone won’t. If this happenes with y our also, try charging your iPhone using a USB port on your computer.  Try a wall charger if you usually charge your iPhone with your laptop and if you usually use a wall outlet, try charging your iPhone with your laptop.

  1. Make sure it’s not just the display

It may not be just the problem what you see on your iPhone’s display. There may be a serious hardware problem.  Plug your iPhone into your computer and open iTunes and see if iTunes recognize your iPhone. If iTunes recognize your iPhone, back up your iPhone right away to avoid data loss as this might be your last chance if there is a serious hardware problem.

You can successfully back up your iPhone’s data if it shows up in iTunes, but if it’s making any noises at all, your iPhone’s display need to be repaired. If iTunes doesn’t recognize your iPhone, connect your iPhone to your computer and try doing a hard reset. If your device shows any error message like iTunes says, you have to restore your iPhone. If you have tried this also (steps to restore the phone are given above) and your iPhone still doesn’t trun on, there’s probably no way of recovering the data you have stored your iPhone, unless you have an iCloud or iTunes backup. The only option left is, use one of the very expensive iPhone data recovery companies for recovering your iPhone’s data.

  1. Check for liquid or physical damage

For those who’ve dropped their iPhones and got away with it, iPhones are tough. iPhones are fragile if your iPhone has stopped working after you watched any video in the rain. Damage caused by drops and spills can stop your iPhones from turning on.

Water damage is unpredictable and insidious. Even it may be possible that a spill from a week ago may be responsible for a problem that occurs today. You may be surprised to know that sometimes a A drop of water got in the charging port will make your phone unable to get charged whereas your friend’s iPhone will work fine even if he spilled a glass of water on his iPhone. In this scenario what you need to do is visually inspect your phone from outside.  If your iPhone under warranty and there is any minor damage, Apple may ignore it and replace your iPhone.

Repair Options

Apple will probably cover the repair for no charge if you’re under warranty and there’s no physical or liquid damage, but if you are not, Apple will charge a significant amount. You don’t need to be worried as you have god alternatives. You can call In2pcfix experts to get support for iOS issues.