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While the Heartbleed safety bug targeted thousands of web services universally and displayed millions of passwords online, the excitement around the bug has dropped over the last couple of weeks. It is still not revealed how many people have basically learnt from the warnings and changed their passwords. But, most major online services have corrected the issue from their server end.

Open SSL technology was affected as a consequence of Heartbleed, and any service provider that was going with this technology has either moved from the same or upgraded to another technology. In fact, major technology firms like Microsoft, Google, Facebook and others have considerably contributed in financial terms, towards the progress of this technology since then.


However, there are few scammers and immoral people that are taking advantage of the panic and the incorrect news stories that accompany security threats of this level. This is something we had thought would happen, and the HelloBridge Trojan appears to be one of many such fear that are aiming to take benefit of the condition.

What is HelloBridge Trojan and how does it work?

HelloBridge is the latest attack campaign that lures people into downloading a simple looking program. The bait that is provided here is a fake Heartbleed weakness recognition tool that people are lured into installing. Presenting a user a famous and panic-inducing note is not a hard task, so it becomes easy to get someone to download this Trojan.

An attractive message like “Check if your computer is infected by Heartbleed” will be more than sufficient to trick a number of people into clicking on this link and installing a forged program that installs malware into the user’s PC. So far, this risk seems to be originating from Southeast Asia, but we suppose that other similar threats may also occur soon enough.

Once installed on a PC, HelloBridge opens a backdoor that permits other malicious files to enter. It regularly alters data back and forth with a remote command and control server, and also leaks private data from the PC. Unnecessary to say once this Trojan has entered a PC, several other problems start cropping up.

Tips to keep in mind to stay away from such Trojans

While experts cannot stop each and every individual who clicks on such a link, they can present the following tips to keep in mind about Heartbleed and such forged programs.

  • Never tick on doubtful looking popup ads and e-mails.
  • Always download software applications from trusted websites.
  • Stay alert about safety threats like Heartbleed. It does not affect individual PCs so there is no possibility that your PC will require a tool to detect its vulnerability and eliminate it.
  • Modify your passwords if you are selecting any of these web services.
  • Always have a reputable, updated and effective antivirus suite installed on your PC.
  • Trendmicro is a reliable antivirus that helps to protect PC and other electronic gadgets from threats like Trojans, Viruses and malwares. The best part of this Antivirus is it’s after sale service; user can dial toll free number of Trendmicro Technical Support for any help. The technicians are always available to fix the customer issues by taking the remote access of the device.

With the right details and awareness, Trojans like HelloBridge can be stopped and rendered ineffective. Experts strongly advise all internet users readers to stay side by side with the latest changes in the IT and safety world, particularly when such far-reaching safety outbreaks happen. In situations like this, prevention is always better than cure.