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Hackers will always look for the opportunity to get access to your system and steal your important files. They also access your account details and bank transactions summary, to steal your money from the accounts. These illegal things they perform every year and will continue to do in coming years. As all these illegal activities is the source of money for them. Let’s discuss what they will do in the year 2017 for the hacking purpose.

Growth of Blockchain

It is pretty sure that in 2017, blockchains are controlled to take on the world of commerce, finance, health care, and majorly government sector where transactions have a fix record and can be accessed by the masses. Initially started as the backbone for the rise of coded currencies like Bitcoin, these blockchains can be used for much more. Imagine buying items and having a fix record of your transactions. Land titles in sections of the globe where governments come and go with frequency will remain even after a management change, as they are part of a permanent distributed public record. Stock trading by people could happen at fast speed, not needing an account at one of the trading houses to execute your order and take a charge. Your whole personal medical records and profile may be encrypted, but accessible to any doctor at a moment’s notification if you need them to be. Blockchains will be important in every part of India, where government bank and accounts for every citizen could be saved from fraud and fast process transactions.

blockchain technology

The benefits are enormous, motivating companies to adopt the technology that is already being used in various sectors such as commerce, finance, digital contracts, and hospitality sector. Once included, blockchains will protect and control a mind-boggling amount of power and resources, ensuring they will be targeted by fraudsters, thieves, organized criminals, hackers, and even nation-states. This is where the real test of technology will be toughened. Like encryption before it, the math is solid, but we’ll see the susceptibilities in applications. Customers using blockchains will feel pains, as not every blockchain is equally reliable, when it comes to cyber-security. The hackers will search the weakest in the herd for simple and profitable target.

Social media rules our awareness

The social media market has changed a lot over the past few years. Magazines and Newspapers gave way to radio, then internet, the television, and now social media applications. There is a huge value for capturing people’s attention. It outlines our views of justice, lures us with purchases, persuades us into trust, fuels the recognition of celebrities, and is the glass we see the world through. It is beneficial on numerous sections, that’s why it will be targeted by all kind of digital threats.

Kiev, Ukraine - October 17, 2012 - A logotype collection of well-known social media brand's printed on paper. Include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Vimeo, Flickr, Myspace, Tumblr, Livejournal, Foursquare and more other logos.

Cyber threats know that social media is now seen as a platform to shift public emotions. Expect terrorists, hackers, and nation-states to discover various exploits to support their ideas. The first battles will be about the ability to endorse content, appear on search results, close opposing views, and hack accounts of important people. We expect more campaigns to humiliate individuals and expose their reserved online actions. This will be majorly done for profit and control, as well as for enjoyment.



Ransomware will carry on bringing huge amounts of money for hackers. The number of ransomware malware will likely decrease, but the total impact will increase. Like any software, every generation gets improved and adds more features that drive alliance to the best vendors. This tendency will also play out with ransomware. Very soon, just a few of engines will control the field. The consequence will be a greater impact as the best tools expand to target businesses, which are more profitable when it comes to the blackmail. Unluckily, ransomware and blackmail is a long-term issue.

Hectic holidays and New Year

Hackers, like all of us, enjoy having more money to spend during the New Year time. Expect more illegal activity during this end-of-year time, particularly for those who are unconcerned in their trust, as well as a big rise in credit/debit card fraud, identity thefts and fraudulent e-commerce. Ransomware will expand from a simple consumer menace to impact businesses for a much higher ransom. Social media will be both a target of hackers as well as a sensitive sounding board on which we can show our unhappiness. Long-term attacks of a more planned nature will test primary blockchain executions and travel ways to monetize pathetically weak IoTgadgets. Banks, global financial transactions, cryptocurrency and ATMs, will continue to be directed for the predictable future, with ever bigger and bolder schemes.

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