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Government has a lot of responsibilities and job to do. From collecting data to making policies, every job is done electronically. To do perform all these task, security is also an essential part. From collecting and processing data of the country’s census and other surveys, a South American government agency totally modernized with itself. Earlier, they were stuck in the past, with an IT ecosystem of various solutions and an old-fashioned anti-virus security, provoked with highly exposed malware attacks.

That was the earlier story, now the government directed a modernization of all electronic resources, as well as their security infrastructure. The security agency quickly understood this order was the perfect chance to identify current gaps in their existing processes and form a more integrated security system.


To attain this secure system, the Government agency started by calculating their modern problems and requirement.The network security manager of the agency said that we were looking to address policy enforcement,much more than the antivirus, security of servers and database, and the lack of visibility into our complete security carriage. In order to address these issues and reach a more desired security position, we require a security partner that could endure and support us proactively as our requirements changed.

That partner isthe Intel Security, as the agency felt like they could not totally depend on McAfee products support, but also to form a combined suite that would help the Government agency achieve their job of modernization.

To start achieving this dream, the agency started by choosing a group of McAfee products that would remove loopholes and protect all section. These major solutions included: McAfee Network Security Platform, McAfee Endpoint Protection Enterprise,McAfee Vulnerability Manager, and McAfee Data Center Security Suite for Databases, McAfee Enterprise Security Manager,and McAfee Asset Manager. To organize all of these solutions, the agency organized the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator too.

All tied together beneath the McAfee ePO console, this newly used system works by sharing data and providing information throughout tools to form a complete threat protection. Because of these interrelated capabilities, all of the agency’s bases are enclosed. For example, the McAfee Enterprise Security Manager continually captures data at highly sensitive data points, so that the Government agency can then use it to fine-tune monitoring and so proactively stop threats. And since the agency has a varied data environment with many databases changing in degree of susceptibility, the McAfee Data Center Security Suite works quite well for their device since it stops all threats no matter where they are and without the need to apply large security.

Since arranging this integrated system, the Government agency has not only practiced a fall in malware threats, but also an increase in success due to visibility. Now, with Intel Security, we know what’s there on the network, and where and when.The sharp visibility of Intel Security software shut down threats instantly before they have a chance to do any sort of damage. In addition to visibility comes flexibility as well, as the automation of processes and addition of tools gives the South American Government agency the control to familiarize their process to the ever-changing security scene. Being flexible has also had a positive effect on the Government agency’s long term assurance. With Intel Security as our long-term security partner, we have the assurance that we require to ensure business steadiness and deliver a safety platform that we can endure to build on into the future.