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Mobile gaming applications are nothing new these days. As thousands of applications come and go, probably every day. But, there is a period when a particular gaming application comes along that takes the whole world by storm. We are talking about the Pokémon GO gaming application which has turned into the new Internet sensation, darling, rage; whatsoever you may want to call it. And this very fashion is acting as an attraction for the illegal minds of the online world.

What is Pokémon GO is all about?

It is an online gaming application for Android and iOS mobile phones. By knowing your phone’s location and camera, the game allows you to capture virtual living being called Pokémon, separately from training or fighting against them. To find these living beings, you need to move in or around your position. So mainly, you see your position on a map (which is basically a digital version of your real environments) and the position of the Pokémon you want to find. Her we will try to explain everything that you require to know about this online game.


The main point of this post is mentioned below…

Till last reports, Pokémon GO has been officially launched in limited countries comprising Australia, Germany, the UK, New Zealand, and the US. India, China is one of those few countries where this game is still not available on Google Play or App Store. And that is where the issue lies. Given the enormous craze for the game, many users are downloading it from the unofficial or third-party application websites to get their hands on this unique augmented-reality mobile phone online game. And for major reasons, hackers are taking credit on this frenzy to spread bogus and malicious kinds of this app.

One malicious version of this application has been found to be spreading in third-party app stores. This version has been attached with a malicious Remote Administration Tool (RAT) that permits the hacker to remotely control a device called Santo. This Santo acts as a spyware (steals user information) and lets other malware to gain access to the infected gadget.

What the infected Mobile Game do?

Once the malware has successfully infected an Android phone, it roots the phone. By rooting it means to attain whole control of the PC to carry out tasks that cannot be done otherwise. Once the malware has rooted the infected device, it does the following operations:

  • Installs spyware that takes personal facts.
  • Can install or uninstall shortcuts.
  • Steals the user’s Google account authorizations.
  • Installs unwanted apps which can work as backdoors to allow entry of additional malware.

If a user downloads this infected Pokémon GO app, they will be ultimately allowing the malware to:

  • Explore, download, upload & delete files from the phone
  • Record call conversation
  • Monitor, read, write, and send SMSs
  • Read, delete, and add contacts
  • Hide app icon from app launcher
  • Collect device’s info viz. IMEI, phone number, country, root permissions, etc.
  • Download and install other unwanted or malicious apps
  • Turn on Wi-Fi or mobile data remotely when device is offline
  • Click pictures using the front or the back camera
  • Track GPS location of the device
  • Record videos
  • Kaspersky Mobile Security software blocks this malicious application proactively as Android.Santro.

Awareness that you must show

While you will be capable to download the Pokémon GO application for Android from third-party websites, we would strongly suggest against it. There is no saying whether the application that you get is safe or malicious. Official app stores are always safer than off-market places. Better wait for the official launch in your country than risking your mobile phone and private details to a malware infection.

Make sure that Unknown Sources is not selected in your mobile’s security settings. This stops the installation of applications from third-party stores. On your mobile, go to Settings > Security > Uncheck Unknown Sources (if it is checked).

Avoid downloading applications with bad reviews/ratings, low reputation, untraceable developers, and those that ask for unnecessary details.

Use mobile security software. Kaspersky Fantastic App not only save your phone from harmful applications, but also enhance its performance, and provides other utility features like App Lock, Private Folders, etc. There is multiple Antivirus available in the market and on the web, but Kaspersky is one of the best antivirus among others. The after sale service of the Kaspersky is amazing, when you face any issues simply call on Kaspersky Tech Support toll-free number.