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Facebook is one of the most popular online social media where users share their humor, love, agony, and all types of emotions. And in the distribution of all such emotions, cyber hackers slide in their hacking skills in the form of unwanted or potentially infected posts. This blog post will help you find the kind of Facebook posts that are best considered “unclicked”.

Superstar Death Posts

A few days back, a post regarding Eminem being murdered was getting the headlines on the Internet. And not long before that, Jackie Chan was also declared to have died doing a dangerous stunt. Such death rumors feed on the interest of the people, particularly people who are huge fans of them. Never click such posts that reveal to take you to a video showing what actually occurred. Clicking the link will either fixed a virus onto your device or may make you fill a survey form. If you do get any such post about a celebrity’s death, then look it at Google first and check the same from genuine news sources.

Like, Share, and Reply help Posts


Online hackers can go to the lowest levels to have their way. A Facebook post that we generally get to see is one that shows the image of an ill person, escorted by a story narrating how they fell ill and is in need of serious financial help. Such posts often lure readers to help the ill person by sharing, commenting or liking the post. Because for every like or share, some random firm would donate money. What actually occurs is, when the hacker who has created this story, has enough shares or likes, they can begin placing ads on their Facebook page, and endorse their business or whatever they like to do.

Lose Fat in a Flash Posts

Who does not want a slim body? And when advices and tips on losing fat come in your Facebook page, then there’s nothing like it. Facebook posts happen to be the new trick in the toolbox of cyber hackers. Such posts often claim to give away wonderful tips on fat loss. And more often than not, you may get such posts from your friend, who may be totally oblivious of the fact that their account is being used to discharge such scams. So, if you do get any such remarkable diet posts on your timeline from your friend or any other source, just have a background check with your friend or Google, before taking any further step.

Breaking News Posts from Untreated Sources

In the online space, treat the unknown as the devil. You may get notifications of breaking news from a website you have not heard about before or have not subscribed to. Stay away of clicking any such posts; hackers are doing so may drop a nasty infection on your device. But, even if the news appears to have come from genuine news source, first verify their official website in place of clicking it on your Facebook page.

Facebook Gift Cards Posts

The word “Free” always controls to get the better of every person who stagger upon it. And this very word is used by hackers to fool innocent people. Facebook free gift card posts are a new type of scam that is going rampant over the Internet. To get the free gifts, all a person requires to do is share the post with their friends. First of all, if you like or share such posts, you are spamming it to your friends. After that, you may be asked to take a survey before you can get your hands on the free stuff. In some situations, such surveys may ask you for your personal data. And in some, it may install an infection on your device. And as far as the gift card is concerned, you will get nothing.

There you have it; pictures on Facebook that you must stay away. It cannot be refused that it is difficult to post a genuine fat loss post or a breaking news post from a forged one. But, you can always do a reality check on any such post as a thoughtful defensive measure.

Not to forget, using trustworthy security software that offers multilayered security against infection is also vital. If your PC has several users, and you fear that they might be unaware of such scams, then you can take advantage from Bitdefender Total Security. Its parental control facility allows you to block websites that are present for promoting online scams. Among other features, this suite also offers after sale support for issues. Simply user has to call upon the Bitdefender Technical Support and technician will assist the caller.