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Encryption is a good practice if you want to secure your sensitive data and hide it from everyone else in order to make it inaccessible to others. You will be worried about the data breach or hijack if someone at a coffee shop or bar snaps your laptop if your data is encrypted. Encryption is a good technique that brings great protection for the information stored on your Mac computer. It is very easy to encrypt files on Mac and below step-by-step instructions are given how to do that:


  1. Open up Disk Utility. To find the Disk Utility, use spotlight search (upper right-hand corner or spacebar+command).
  2. Once you have opened that, go to File>New Image>Image from Folder.
  3. Encryption part is straightforward. After completing the second step, Disk Utility will prompt you to choose a folder.
  4. Choose the folder that you want to encrypt, rename it and select 256 AES encryption.
  5. Now the Disk Utility will ask you for a password. Set a password and remember it otherwise you may not be able to recover your files.
  6. So either remember your passwords or save it at a safe location. Make sure that you don’t set a password that is easy to guess because there are “brute force” attacks and attackers will easily crack your password that you have set for the file encryption.
  7. Now click on the encryption button to encrypt files. Your encrypted files will be saved as a .dmg, and again you will be asked to enter the same password you just entered.
  8. Just enter the password, you’re in, and it’s done. Now all your precious data is encrypted and protected.

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