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It seems boring to set default wallpaper for long and even the least techies also want to change the default wallpaper on their phones at some point of time. There are advanced customization, and by just one step forward, you’ll learn and completely transform your Android device with various widgets and launchers, lockscreen replacement apps, cool fonts, and icons. There are so many great Android icon packs available for Android users and it may be bit confusing and time consuming for you to choose the right one.

top icon packs

You need to install a launcher first to install any of the icon packs listed here. After installing the launcher, you may install the icon pack and set it through the launcher’s Settings dialog. Some icon packs include their own setup utility, or some require a separate application which you can use to preview, modify and update the icons. The installation process is simple in both cases and the default Android icons can be changed in just a few taps.

So here are 11 free icon packs to customize your android:

  1. Bleach Icons


Bleach is a great option to match for retro-style themes and pastel wallpapers with soft-colored backgrounds and sharp symbols on muted. This application has nearly 1500 icons and there is also an option to request more. Additionally, it offers 20 wallpapers that enhance the beauty of this icon pack.

Its supported launchers are Apex, Smart, Nova, Go, ADW, Aviate, CyanogenMod Theme Engine

  1. Subtle Icons

Free Android Icon Pack

As the name says, these icons are subtle in the sense that doesn’t feature sharp and intense colors. But don’t underestimate it and hold on before direct jumping to conclusions.  Subtle doesn’t mean they’re boring and infect the level of detail is so expressive it feels like as if the icons are telling a tiny story. This icon pack has 1350 icons and a selection of HD wallpapers.

Its supported launchers are Apex, Nova, and ADW

  1. Glim Icons

glim icon

It’s a fact that a lot of people dislike the ongoing trend of “flatness” and you might think same about Glim which is Material Design-inspired icon set. But are you sure that you really want to ignore more than 1500 free icons and a collection of high-quality wallpapers? Moreover, by just paying a little amount, you can get access to 2000 alternative icons. Means you have a lot of icons to swap icon with one of several alternatives to get a unique customization experience.

Its supported launchers are Apex, Go, Holo, KitKat, Nova, Trebuchet, Epic, ADW, Atom, CyanogenMod Theme Engine and more, plus it also works with Unicon

  1. Adastra


It’s a colorful and expressive icon pack which includes 1180 icons in HD quality. Its icons are optimized for XXXHDPI screens and there won’t be any loss in quality when you resize them. One additional advantage of Adastra is that it works with older Android versions (Gingerbread and higher) and offers a good collection of wallpapers.

Its supported launchers are Apex, Go, Nova, Holo, Action, Smart, Aviate, and ADW

  1. Voxel


The combination of bright colors in the shadows makes it stand out from the rest. It gives you 1900+ square icons to apply on your Android’s home screen. You can achieve a neat tiled look on your home screen with this application. It comes with a dozen wallpapers, plus there is an icon request tool for your convenience.

Its supported launchers are Apex, Nova, Smart, Aviate, Atom, ADW, Go, Holo, Action, KitKat, and a few more

  1. VNYL


This is an application which will certainly bring a smile on the face of a music lover. Its icon set is special because of its round designed which resemble vinyl records. With custom icons, it includes more than 2400 icons for activities.

Its supported launchers are ADW, Atom, Aviate, Epic, Apex, Holo, Nova, KitKat, Smart, CyanogenMod Theme Engine, Solo and more, with support for Unicon

  1. Ikon


Ikon has a rich set with round, badge-style icons. It has more 1300+ icons and developers keep on adding new icons on a regular basis. Moreover, some icons come with alternatives, and also include dark versions of icons. Plus, it also offers various wallpapers.

Its supported launchers are Nova, Go, ADW, Holo, Apex, Action, and more, plus support for Unicon

Apart from colorful icon sets, there are Black & White icons also for Android users and a few of interesting are as follows:

  1. Whicons


It’s a very elegant monochrome icon pack and all the black & white icons look amazing with dark themes and backgrounds. It has more than 2732 icons which can cover most of the apps you have on your Android.  If you can’t cover any of your application through its icon, it provides an icon request option in its Dashboard app, where you are allowed to download its wallpapers, preview all icons, and set them as the default.

Its supported launchers are Nova, Apex, Smart, Aviate, Action, Solo, ADW, Go, KitKat, Epic, and more

  1. Stamped Black

Stamped Black

Look wise, it’s great with white wallpapers and themes as a 100% dark icon pack. The orange might be the new black and stamped back is one such set. It features 1000 +icons in two different styles.

Its supported launchers are Apex, Nova, ADW, Go, Action, Lightning, and other launchers

  1. Zeon Black

Zeon Black

Many icon packs claim to be unique and original, but can keep their promise. Its icons look more original and give a feel as if they are handmade. They look like they’ve just been sketched on your mobile screen. It’s an outstanding pack which has more than 1600 icons and they come in multiple colors so that you can switch themes if you want.

Its supported launchers are Apex, ADW, Nova, Aviate, Go, Action, Smart, Solo, KitKat, and more, with support for Unicon

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