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Credit Card Safety Tips for Online Shopping

With festive season and holidays around the corner, most e-commerce websites announcing huge offers and discounts. These offers attract customers as well as hackers. Customers have to be quite careful against online frauds and scams. In this blog post, we have listed down some basic tips that you can follow for safe credit card shopping on the Internet.shutterstock_165718412

A few days back a leading e-commerce website announced its “Big Shopping Days” offer for people who use the e-commerce App. Another e-commerce site Amazon has been hosting Deals of the Day offers. Now, all such offers are popular amongst shoppers, their popularity is misused by hackers to trick users. For example, a fake email might attract you with a huge discount to visit a fake website that looks similar to real e-commerce and steal all your data.

So, if you occasionally shop online with your credit card, here are some security tips you must follow.

Go for Credit Cards over Debit Cards

If you apply for your credit card every time for online shopping, then you are simply selecting an important safety tip. If any forge changes occur on your credit card, you still have ample time to report it to your bank and stop paying for the payment made on the card. On the other hand, for a debit card, money gets deducted instantly, and it may take a few days before you can get back your money. Also, most banks provide zero charges on lost credit cards. If we take American Express bank into thought, it states, “If you lose your credit card, report it instantly to our 24-hour call center. After reporting the loss, you have a zero charge on any fake transactions made on your card.

Go a step ahead – Opt for a Virtual Credit Card

Another credit card safety tip that works efficiently is using a virtual credit card. As the name states, this is not a ‘physical card’ and not given physically. The following are the advantages of using a virtual credit card:

  • A virtual credit card cannot be cloned or stolen, as it is an intangible property.
  • The card can be used for making one payment only.
  • A virtual credit card is valid for 20 – 48 hours only, depending on the bank that has provided it.
  • Any amount left in the card that is not used gets credited back to the user’s account.

Know your Online Shopping Website

Always go for reliable, well-known, popular, reputable, online shopping websites. This is more significant when you are buying expensive items. It is also wise to go via the privacy and security policy of the website that you are buying from. You might come across shopping websites that provide unbelievable discounts, but odds are, the discounts are fake or not what they seem to be.

Know What Information Your Online Website Requires

A proper checkout/payment page of most online websites need you to give the following information:

  • Credit card number
  • Full name as printed on the card
  • Expiration date
  • Shipping/Billing address
  • CVV number

But, if the payment page asks for your net banking login ID, password, ATM pin, mother’s maiden name, etc., then you have numerous reasons to treat this as a malicious activity. Straight away close the browser, and complaint to the right authority such as Google about the website.

Do not use Free and Public WI-FI Networks

This safety tip applies to all kinds of monetary transactions that you do online, not only to Credit Card. Do not use your credit card over the public computer network like the cybercafes and public Wi-Fi. These networks are insecure or have no security against cyber criminals who can spy on your data and misuses it for illegal acts.

Look for “HTTPS” and padlock symbol

Before letting your credit/debit details on the checkout page of any website, always make sure that the URL in browser’s address bar starts with “https://” and is attached to a “locked padlock” sign. If it is otherwise, then do not continue with the purchase. Go for a safer way such like cash-on-delivery.

Sophos Antivirus saves your online monetary transactions. It allows you shop; pay bills online, banks etc., in virtual surroundings that block phishing and fraud websites from stealing your details. For any assistance regarding the use and working of Sophos antivirus, simply contact Sophos Tech support toll-free number. The technician will assist you in a very simple manner and fix all the issues.

Don’t go after attached Links in Emails

If you get an email from your online shopping website about a great deal and asks you to follow a link to see it, then here’s what you should do. Go to the website by typing its URL in the browser or Google, and check if it is really giving any such details. Never click on such links in emails even if they appear to have come from your preferred or a popular retailer.

Have Anti-phishing Safety on your PC

These days, it is no easy for normal users to differentiate a phishing website, fake one from a real one. Even a professional, neatly done website that seems harmless can be a malicious website waiting for you to fall into its trap. So, having an anti-phishing safety on your PC can be extremely helpful. This feature, as the name reveals, automatically blocks the user from landing on a fraudulent or phishing website.