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It has been quite a few days since we have been using iOS 9. It has not hampered the performance, only enhanced it at certain places. Below is an in-depth comparison between iOS 9 and iOS 8.

IOS 9 vs IOS 8

  • Typefaces: The first thing was the introduction of new interface. Actually, Apple replaced the ‘Helvetica Neue’ system font launched in iOS 7 with ‘San Franciso’ in iOS 9. This change has occurred due to the reading difficulties with Helvetica. San Franciso is the same font, which is used in Apple Watch, rendering simpler reading experience on the small screen.
  • New Apps: Apple killed the Newsstand app! A dominant Flipboard killer is introduced in iOS 9 which is known as “News”. The newly app drags content from The New York Times, Bon, Atlantic and lots of other publications. The News app doesn’t make its way into the Beta1 so, we cannot use it.
  • Notification Center: The tweaked Notification Center brings a stock widget to display the battery status of the iPhone and connected Apple Watch! The stick widget is pre-installed on the iPhone and iPad only. Besides, there is a Find My Friends widget to speedily find where your friends are!
  • App Drawer: It is a recent apps menu and gets redesigned in iOS 9. iOS 8 contains Windows Phone like features which have been replaced with Android Lollipop. The app card is placed at top of all other with their name emerging on the top instead of at the bottom. The shortcuts to your favorite contacts introduced in iOS 8 used up a majority of the space.
  • Spotlight Search: The Stoplight search comes with advanced features and an innovative interface. With iOS 8, you can access Stoplight Search by swiping down on the home screen. A peerless way in ioS 9 to access it (Stoplight Search) is via turning right from the first page of your home screen!
  • Siri: Siri is changed elegantly from processing animation to the display layout. Apart from that, it has more to render behind the scenes. Siri is almost 40 percent faster to respond to the queries. You can even ask Siri to search for your photographs based on the location and time they were taken.
  • Proactive Assistant: iOS 9 brings deeper Proactive integration! The Proactive Assistant is used to study user patterns and give content even before it is asked. It is consistently monitoring your habits and learning them up so that at one point, your phone knows all your habits and begins assisting you accordingly. But, this assistance is not at the cost of fiddling with your private confidential data; you don’t need to worry about it at all!

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