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You never know from where you can viruses and other infections. If you’re a computer user and own an external hard drive, it may also be a reason to get infected with malware, spyware, Trojans, etc. External hard discs may have. multiple serious security flaws which hackers can easily exploit and take the control of the information stored on it. Once hackers get controls of your system, they can manipulate your data, change personal accounts setting, access banking details, etc.


Since the security flaw in your hard drive can drag you into a deep trouble, here is a way described here to let you know how to fix this problem. As you know that external hard drives are the storage devices which have huge storage capacities. There are many companies which manufacture external hard drives, but flaws may be in any one. Since they are very useful to save and access an incredibly large amount of information, hence, it becomes more important to protect them against any kind of threat.

To know the importance of your privacy and security, any flaw in the drives becomes a very serious issue. A few of the manufacturers offer such devices which have a default user name, passwords and settings. It’s worse to have them as they are pre-programmed and hackers can easily access them. This vulnerability works against you and as soon as you connect to your Wi-Fi, all others who’re using the same connection can access the data on the drive by using the default user name and password to get in.

If in any way, hackers get the control of your system, they can install viruses, malware, spyware, adware and other intrusive infections, replicate them and spread them from one machine to another for making their own profit. If you’re bothered by such issue, there is a sign of relief for you. There is a patch for this vulnerability, which you can download and install it to shield your device and the crucial information stored on it.

Natalie Green is an experienced technical content writer. She is working with a computer repair service provider company and likes to write unique and informative article about data recovery from computer & smart phones and how to ptotect these devices from virus & hackers attack etc.