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Handheld gadgets are one of the most important things that you carry every time with you. In fact, phones are your one of the best digital companion that stores a huge amount of information including special photos, important emails, hundreds of contacts, private text messages, etc. As most of you store a great volume of data within these small devices, so it is important that you keep them secure always. As a precautionary measure what you do on basic level to protect them is, you put a password or pattern security to unlock them.

iOS users in particular may do in a multitude of ways – passwords, Touch ID, codes, etc. Being a very secure device, cybercriminals found a way to bypass all barriers. A new flaw was discovered in iOS software that cybercriminals used for bypassing all barriers to unlock any protection on iOS 8, 9, and 10. It was quite easy for the cybercriminals to trick iPhone users. They tricked an accessibility feature called VoiceOver and Siri to bypass all passcodes and Touch ID barriers.


To make this trick to work, the hackers take advantage of the software vulnerability and perform just a few steps to hack into your device.  To execute their intention of bypassing the passcode of the user’s phone, hackers just find the number of the victim’s phone number by just asking Siri “Who am I?”, call the number, and change the options on the phone call screen. From there, to add a new photo for the number calling the phone, they may use the “add new contact” capability and therefore access your photos.

If cybercriminals are successful in doing so, they may be able of scrolling throughout your entire photo gallery and see your personal information like contact list, memories, etc. At the point, when they are able to access your phone, they also can access all previous text messages with a contact. In this way, they easily can access and get your personal details whenever they want and may leave your device more vulnerable to risk. If you are unfortunate, your personal information may be susceptible to compromise by anyone.

Today, such scams going viral and a little bit of your carelessness ma create a pesky situation for you. In this case, the next step that you need to take at once is to stay vigilant. It is important to keep your device always in sight, or better in your hand. This is just a basic advice that most of you take care of, but beyond this, here are a few more simple tips on how you can secure your iPhone from this hack:

  • Until the bug gets patched, turn off Siri. Disabling Siri on the lock screen is the easiest way to stay safe. To turn off Siri, go to your phone’s settings and Siri, tap on Access on Lock Screen and turn off Siri by toggling the switch on to off.
  • If any update available there, install it as it may be helpful in fixing bugs. Most of the updates are released as a patch to fix the existing flaws and vulnerabilities. Most likely, the fix will be packaged within the newest iOS update so if Apple releases any new update anytime, install it immediately.
  • If your phone is lost or stolen, track it down. If hackers get their hands on you device, only and then they can hack into your phone. Unfortunately, if you have lost your device, make sure that you can track it down. With the help of anti-theft protection like McAfee Mobile Security, you can quickly and accurately track your device. Doing so will definitely help you in securing your device from malicious hands even if it is lost or stolen.