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Touch typing is a fast way to write and people learn touch typing quickly. Even they can write faster than they may write with a pen provided they use the correct fingers and always rest wrists on the desk. During the learning process, it’s important not to look at your hands.

Typing lession

Learning touch typing is a very engaging and fun practice which is productive for every student, professional and home user. These websites involve you in typing learning exercise in an interactive way so that you don’t lose your interest while learning. These listed websites can be really helpful for every age group.



Till now Typing.com has gone through various name changes, but it is undoubtedly one of the best typing tools available on the web. It’s easy and useful online mean to learn typing lessons, and play a few such types of amazing typing games. The best thing about Typing.com is that it’s free to use but it includes non-intrusive ads. If you want to avoid such ads get a premium account.

Its feature list involves typing lessons, student & teacher oriented features typing games like Tommy Q Zombie Defender, Keyboard Ninja, & more, etc. For its user, there are certificates, engaging typing lessons and a plethora of typing games and it supports 15 international keyboard formats like QWERTY, QWERTZ & AZERTY. Its virtual keyboard gives feedback about your performance and shows which finger you need to put on which key. It’s optimized for all of your devices, be it a desktop, laptop, tablet, Chromebook, phone, etc.



10FastFingers is proving its worth for long and it still remains a great place in terms of performance and popularity. It enables you to learn touch typing while having some fun. To improve your typing speed, it includes Typing Practice, 1-minute test available in 40 languages which you can also share and compare with your friends. Plus, it also conducts an online Typing Competition which allows you to compete against people from all over the world.  And also there’s a “Private” mode if you want to compete only with your friends.



Here is one another excellent typing teaching website that teaches you touch typing in an entertaining and easy way. The website has multiple typing lessons, which help you out with your sitting posture along with their intended job. It tells you the correct way of putting fingers and once you know the correct method, you can start practicing. You can take a typing test if you feel you are good enough because it also gives you certificates. If you achieve a speed of over 70 words per minute (wpm) with an accuracy of 99.5%, it’ll issue a Platinum certificate, and if you achieve a speed of 50 wpm with 98.7% accuracy, it’ll issue a Gold certificate and to achieve a Silver certificate your typing speed should be 40 wpm with 96% accuracy.



To teach you touch typing, Goodtyping brings you various web courses. Its developers claim that by using Goodtyping, you will “Learn how to touch and type correctly in just a few hours using all your fingers.” This website supports 23 different keyboard layouts, and multiple languages including, English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, etc. If you are an amateur, there are 27 step-by-step lessons on typing and if you are already a pro, you can take a test to check your speed and accuracy.

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