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As has been seen at numerous occasions in the past, malware designers and cyber criminals are very fast to find hot trending topics over the Internet in order to fool people and infect their devices. Windows 10 has been making a lot of news over the internet off late with every Windows user interested to see what the excitement is all about. And certainly, malware authors have jumped on the excitement too and are coming up with different ways to take benefit of innocent users to hack their devices.

Features of Windows 10

  • Universal Apps and Continuum Bridge Tablets and PCs in a Non-Stupid Way.
  • Crotona Makes the Start Menu Even Smarter.
  • The Start Menu is Back, Baby.
  • You Can Now Add Multiple Desktops.
  • Microsoft Edge Finally Replaces Internet Explorer.
  • Windows Now Has a Central Notification Center.

Windows 10 was officially launched on July 29th 2015 but there were numerous users who had to remain in ‘line’ to get their updated Operating System version. This led to a lot of irritation and a few cases where sufferers fell for infected emails that claimed to offer the Windows 10 update straight away.

Win10 Scam

The scam used by malware designers is very easy. They just design a fake email that appears and feels as though it’s coming from Microsoft only. The attractive line of these fake emails is something like – “Windows 10 Update For FREE” or “Get Your Windows 10 Update”. These mails attack people who are either excited for their Windows OS to be upgraded, or people who have not signed up for the upgrade at all.

The emails contain some realistic data about upgrading to Windows 10 and request victims to click on a link that supposedly triggers the download. Unluckily, the link just downloads and installs some part of malware on the device and this leads to further problems for the unsuspecting victim. The installed malware can be a code of ransomware that lock the device and demand payment, or spyware that gathers and sends data or any other form of unwanted software on the device.

We suggest our users to be alert and watchful about such fake emails (and other types of communication like SMS’s or social media posts) about Windows 10. It is also important to remember that Windows 10 is free only for those users who are using licensed versions of Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. For more details on Windows 10 and how to upgrade to it, simply dial toll free number of Windows 10 Tech Support or reach the official FAQs page from Microsoft for the most reliable source of data.

We would also like to repeat to our users that Antivirus like McAfee, Norton is compatible with the Windows 10 Operating system. If your Antivirus product is updated to the latest version and the virus database is updated as well, then the Antivirus will work with Windows 10. In case of any help regarding this upgrade, you can also visit Support Center of Windows 10.