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The mindset of people nowadays is that they think password is the ultimate security. Due to this they use same password for numerous websites. The main reason of similar password use is the easy to remember. People use weak passwords and reuse them on various websites. How are you supposed to use unique and strong passwords on all the websites you browse? The best solution is a password manager.

The password manager software stores your login details for all the websites you browse and assist you log into them on its own. They simply encrypt your password database with a main password – the main password is the only one you have to remember.


Avoid Reusing Passwords

Password reuse is a serious issue because of the many password theft that happens every year, even on high ranking websites. When password theft happens, malicious people have an email address, username, and password permutation they can use on other websites. If you use the same login credentials everywhere, a theft at one website could give hackers access to all your important accounts. If someone gains access to your mail account in this manner, they could use password-reset links to access other important websites, like your banking website or PayPal account.

To stop password leaks from being so harmful, you need to use unique passwords on every particular website. These passwords should be strong, long, unique passwords that have numbers and symbols.

Malicious people like hackers have access to hundreds of accounts to keep track of.The average person should have different strong passwords. Remembering these strong passwords is quite impossible without going to some sort of trick. The best trick is a password manager that creates secure, unique passwords for you and remembers them so you don’t have to.

How Password Manager Works?

A password manager will take a burden off your mind, release up brain capability for doing innovative things rather than remembering a list of passwords.

Once you use a password manager and require to log into a website, first you visit that website normally. Instead of entering your password into the website, you first type your master password into the password manager that fills the correct login details automatically into the website. But, if you’re already into your password manager, it will fill the data for you on its own. You don’t have to remember at all about what username, password and email address, you used for the website. Your password manager does the entire task for you.

If you’re creating a new account on a new website your password manager will generate a secure password for you, so you don’t have to remember about that, either. It can also be arranged to automatically fill data like your name, address, and email into web forms.

The first big decision you will require to make with a password manager is selecting your master password. This master password has access to your whole password manager database, so you must make it quite strong. This is the only password you’ll need to remember later on. You may want to pen down the password and save it somewhere safe after choosing it. Just in case, if you’re really serious about your password, you could store your master password in a locker at the bank. You can alter this password later on, but only if you remember it – if you forget your master password, you won’t be capable to access your saved passwords. This is important, as it guarantee no one else can see your secure password database without the master password.

Some major hacks were making headlines. All these were made possible because of weak passwords like those on LinkedIn, Yahoo!, MySpace, DailyMotion and VK, as well as a number of hotel and retail chains and fast food kiosks. If users do not change their password regularly or go for the same password for a number of Internet services, they are simply exposed to an increased risk.

If you are unable to install or configure the Password manager, then simply contact a tech support company. McAfee tech support providing companies, give assistance to their customers in a very simple manner. These companies have experienced technicians that will assist you in every manner.