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Apple announced earlier this year that all iOS app developers have to deploy HTTPS starting with 2017, Abut now, Apple has given some more time to iOS app makers so that they can migrate their app and backend infrastructures. Apple postpone the deadline when it came to know that only about 3% of 200 enterprise iOS apps were updated to use encryption.

Most of the developers argued that it will take some more time to deploy encryption mechanisms because of hardware incompatibilities.

The Cupertino tech giant ATS announced in June 2016 at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) that Apple would not allow new iOS apps on the App Store if they don’t support App Transport Security, or (ATS). ATS will make sure that all developers have to migrate all client-server communications to HTTPS and support for ATS has been added in iOS 9.0 and OS X 10.11. Now app developers need to update their apps to support ATS.

To avoid the encryption deadline, many app developers used ATS exemptions and it one of the reasons why all the developers haven’t rushed to implement ATS. Apple released a list of exemptions that app developers may entreat and skirt around the ATS enforcement. Many of the biggest app vendors, like Microsoft, facebook, and others are using these exemptions. To avoid the risk of killing its app ecosystem, Apple has all but given up on enforcing ATS.

This deadline has been extended to give the app developers some more time. Apple may announce a new deadline soon as it is the matter of the security of the users. But for the time being, despite its palpable advantages, ATS will be an optional security measure in iOS.

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