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Over the last couple of weeks, many Apple device users have made complaints that their calendar app of Mac or iPhone, or iPad is getting a mass number of anonymous invitations. Users reported that unexpected invitations are sent to them from fishy email addresses. The worst part of these fishy emails is that clicking on the links and resources they have may make your device more vulnerable to risks. Moreover, you response to these emails and resources will send a positive signal to the cybercriminals to perform more and more of such activities and it will also tell the intruders and hackers that you device as well as Apple ID is still valid and active.

Apple users who respond to such emails are a soft target of cybercriminals as this is the Apple’s policy to add any stored credit card of yours to the Apple account.

How do these invitations look like?

Often, these invitations are sent to a huge number of recipients and most likely most of the users are known to the cybercriminals and hackers. Often have subjects like “Cyber Monday Offer” or “Black Friday Rayban Offer”.


Below a few simple steps are given to safely remove these anonymous invitations from your Apple calendar:

  • Open the Calendar app and expand the Calendars list.
  • Deactivate all calendars that are with the invitations in order to filter the events.
  • Go to ‘File’, ‘New Calendar’ and rename it whatever you want.
  • Move all the unknown events to that calendar and to do so, open unknown events and change the ‘Calendar’ they belong to.
  • Last but very important step; the calendar that is with the new and unwanted events, delete that.

It is not done yet even if it works, furthermore follow the below written steps:

Enable your spam filter to block unwanted invitations, for this, you need to login into your Apple account on a desktop computer.

  • Open the browser and log into your iCloud account over it.
  • In the web version of your calendar, there is a ‘Settings’ icon in the bottom left corner, click on it.
  • Choose ‘Preferences’ option by clicking on it and then click the ‘Advanced’ button.
  • Alter the ‘Invitations’ setting to ‘Email to [email address]’.

Following above steps will ensure that it won’t happen anymore that your iCloud calendar events will get integrated automatically into your calendar app. Moreover, as you have enabled Spam filter, unwanted invitations might already be blocked.