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Listening to music is not only a way of entertainment; it’s a way life for many people. It’s not a very simple task to find a good music app because there are thousands of potential players out there. There are 8 different music players which are best from the lot are discussed which are here to simplify your task of finding the right application for you.



media-player-banshee-192It is a cross-platform media player which can play audio, video, internet radio, podcasts, and can also rip DVDs. It also supports various portable media players including android devices, iPhone and iPod supports also ZEN players. It allows you to play music from online media like Amazon, Miro Guide and Last.fm. Plus, it also allows you to audiobooks.


Rhythmbox-LogoIt’s widely used and Ubuntu 15.04’s default music player which is commonly found along with the popular Gnome Desktop Environment. It can automatically populate the music files from the folder and also can import music from existing folders and playlist. It has a simple interface and you’d like Rhythmbox to look through. Podcasts and internet radioas well as they are well supported. Moreover, it also supports third-party services such as Libre(.)fm and Last(.)fm as well.


vlc_256It’s one of the most well known cross-platform media players worldwide. Often it’s used for video playback, but can double as a music player. It has got a few features to organize your music collection. Although it has is a bit boring, but it has all the features of a standard music player. It can play almost any format of audios as it has the extended collection of multimedia codecs. To enhance your experience, there are additional settings for audio filters or effects and numerous plugins which you can download. Plus, it also allows you to listen to online media such as internet radio and podcasts.


logoIt’s one of the most revered music players available for Linux by KDE’s which is around for more than a decade. It has a default look which is different from many other audio players, but it’s pretty configurable so you can edit it in the way you want. Its power is in its plugins and there are various available on the Internet.  There is an integrated Wikipedia search embedded in this application which displays the artist and the lyrics of the song you’re listening.


audacious-logoIt is a lightweight application with the most basic options. It can only play already downloaded music on your hard drive and can’t connect to internet radio stations and online stores where you can download new music. But you can easily import your playlist or music into the player and integrate it with popular desktop environments like Gnome and Cinnamon. It’s the best for the job if you’re looking for a lightweight GUI player that simply plays your music.

Gnome Music              

Gnome-logoIt is a relatively new app if compared with others and specifically designed for the Gnome Desktop Environment. It has only basic features of a music player and shows album covers by default (if available) for the music files in your library. There are other tabs for playlists, songs and artists. It is a potential application if you are looking for a lightweight music application integrated with Gnome.

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