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The slow speed of the computer is a common problem faced by everyone. Most of the time, we lose our patience and get irritated, in the case we are unable to complete our necessary work because of the same. Therefore, here are a few steps to speed up your system.


  1. Empty Disk Space

You can improve the working capabilities of your PC through empty the disk space. Clearing the disk space lets you remove the following:

  • Data on the Recycle Bin
  • Unnecessary programs
  • Un-useful Windows components
  • Program files as Java applets or Microsoft ActiveX controls
  • Temporary files of Windows
  1. Detect and fix errors

All time you use a hard drive, illegal activities or programs are circulated to degrade your hard disk speed. So, to make your computer run faster, do the error checking. This tool scans PC hard drive to fix the unauthorized activities. Do the error checking is necessary once in a week.

  1. Defend your Windows against viruses

Unfortunately, spyware is automatically installed in your PC without your knowledge and capable to accumulate your sensitive and confidential information. Besides, it not only steals the data, but also slows down the system performance. Hence, you need to guard your system from threats and viruses.

  1. Defrag disk with enough space

Avoid poor performance; defrag your disk when you have enough disk space and when you install new Windows programs. For good speed, you need to do this once in a week.

  1. Apply ReadyBoost

There is no need to add extra memory. Unlike USB flash drive, ReadyBoost enables to use a memory without scanning and changing.

  1. Upgrade the Windows

If above mentioned five steps are not good as your expectations, then it is right time to upgrade your Windows.

These steps are not hard and they can enhance your system speed easily.

Harry Wilson is an experienced technical content writer. He has done post graduation from a reputed university and likes to write unique and informative article about Windows 8 Installation and Windows 7 Installation etc.