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Android is an excellent platform and runs most of the applications efficiently. But with the time new applications are coming up and becoming the need of changing world so Android users also need to be stay updated with them. But as soon as the number of applications running on your device increase, it creates delay to open and run installed programs. The reason of this delay is that lots of background apps share device resources and hog its battery. But to take care of its health, download a task manager program to improve your device performance and organize all applications running in the background. Below a list of 6 best task managers is given to help you out in order to pick most suitable to you:

6 Absolute Task Managers for Android

ES Task Manager

It is free and one of the best applications for Android, which is an all-in-one task manager. It allows you to find all apps running in the background and sharing your device resources and kill an unnecessary program in a single tap. It also allows you to uninstall useless app in order to save memory space and if you don’t want to uninstall any of them, add them to your wish list to save them.

SystemPanelLite Task Manager

It’s an amazing task manager for those who are lovers of sci-fi movies. Its interface seems inspired by sci-fi movies, and it looks awesome with the data related to your device resources, detailed statics, and charts. It doesn’t only find and kills those apps which are eating resources, but also your system information. It tracks and alerts you whenever something seems wrong.

Android Task Manager Pro

It’s a paid application with some great features. Its feature list includes CPU usage monitoring, real-time process list, backup capabilities, application management, and, much more. It’s a pretty useful application which gives you additional controls to manage on device applications and folders.


It’s one of the best task management utilities which allow you to organize your applications in an excellent way. This application allows you to hibernate those programs which are consuming your device resources rather than deleting them. Since hibernated apps don’t run in the background, hence they don’t consume battery and saves power from being additionally consummated. Moreover, it’s very easy to run those hibernated apps and once it’s done and close it, it’ll go in its previous state. It boosts your device performance and saves your battery life.

Stock Android Task Killer

Android has inbuilt task killer which is known as Recent Apps and also known as Stock Android Task Killer which allows you to track all open apps and close those programs which are not useful. It’s a safe way for Android users without killing tasks because it doesn’t force you to kill applications. Although third party applications are potential to use, but when you have in-built one with enough potential, it is better to use it.

Watchdog Task Manager

Although it kills your tasks all at once, but it’s against the nature of Android OS as it is a multitasking platform. It monitors all apps and sends you notification to kill the application which goes out of control. In traditional sense, it’s not a task manager; rather, it’s an app which monitors things and prompt you to kill those which are consuming too much memory resources. It is available as free and paid and only paid version offers you a blacklist feature which allows you to apply a threshold level to heavy applications and stops them from using so much of your CPU.

If you’re an app lover and try out all new and useful applications, a task manager can be helpful for you to improve your digital experience. They help you to maintain the same performance of your device when it came out of the box. Task manager applications help you to organize your applications, documents, folders, etc.

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