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A Word Processor is a software tool which lets you to type, edit, customize and format text. Usually Word Processors are referred as Office applications used for typing text documents. Although word processors are by-default entities of Operating Systems which remain bundled with Office suit, but if you want to try another one, below a list of best Word Processors is enlisted with their features:

5 Excellent Word Processors for Free


It’s an extension created on open-source tool which is based on NeoOffice and Open office, which is a great combination of both applications. This text writer comes with various features like templates to make your writing work easier whether you’re creating a resume, memo or index content, auto-complete to predict the entire phrase or word, spell checking, etc. This full-fledged Office suite has a similar interface like MS Word, and capable of handling various formats including .Doc and .Docx. This word formatting tool is equipped with six in-built tools Writer (for word processing), Cal (for spreadsheets), Draw (for graphics), Impress (for presentations), Math (for editing formulas), and Base (for database). It supports 110 languages, and available for all major platforms.

Open Office

It’s one of the oldest word processing tools which is now the most expansive open-source text processor. It contains six tools within and this range covers Draw (image editing), Writer (word processing), Impress (presentations), Calc (Spreadsheets), and Base (Database). After installing once, you can access all its tools. Its interface is very much similar to Microsoft Word, but it allows you to go beyond a traditional word processor. It allows you to import and edit your PDF files within itself. It has most of the basic text formatting tools like bold, Italic, etc. and supports multiple languages. Moreover, it also gives you the flexibility to choose your own language and change the format of your digital documents including .doc, .docx, .rtf, etc. It supports all major platforms.

Google Docs

Google Docs is an online digital document handling tool of Google itself. It’s a cloud based solution for all word processing practices, hence to access its services and features, you need to be online. It allows you to create, manage, and edit, your documents from the comfort of your browser and also tools like Slides and Spreadsheets. It automatically saves whatever you write which can be retrieved later from your account. Google Docs is a viable option for document editing and it has made documents management very comfortable in your own web browser. Even this tool doesn’t demand to install any other software and gives the flexibility to retrieve your documents from any location. This online suite has everything from basic editing, font formatting options to spell-checking. In its editing mode, you can add your comments in documents about typos for forwarding the process and possible errors. You can share your documents with others also on view-and-edit or view-only basis. It supports all major platforms.


It is another free substitute to the Microsoft Word, which is similar in approach like MS Word. It has perfection like MS Word and efficiently blends the essence of word processing tools with lots of powerful built-in features which extends its functionalities. It supports multiple languages, all major file formats, font formats, word processing tools, and all major platforms. Its simplicity and a good range of features make it a great alternative to Microsoft Word. It supports various font and file formats including Doc, OpenOffice, RTF, etc. and multiple languages. Data entry is a very likable feature of it as it automates the complete process through its Mail Merge feature, which segregates and places the incoming data into their respective fields of entry. It is compatible with all major platforms.


Quip was initially designed as a team collaboration tool, but now it’s a great free online tool which allows you to create, edit, manage and save your digital files. It also gives you the flexibility to export your files as a PDF, word or HTML. This software utility allows you to create and manage your documents and Spreadsheets through its interface. While creating a new document, it shows a minimalistic view and gives you the convenience of using all basic formatting tools. Apart from creating check-list, it also allows inserting spreadsheets, images and more, and you can group your document in the folder according to its content like public of private folder.

Since the invention of computers, Word Processing applications have been very important for all. Word Processing software gives a great way to create, edit and manage digital documents. With the advancements in technology word processors are also being changed. Now they’re more advanced, feature laden and easy to use. They’re helping hands of all be it writers, workplace environments, Tech Company, educational institutions, home users, non-profit organizations, students, or almost anyone as they are rudimentary element of their operations. So above a list of best MS Word alternatives is given to organize and edit your digital files.

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