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Gmail is a very powerful mailing client in all browsers and it becomes more power when you use it in the Google Chrome browser. Its capabilities get increased with the Chrome extensions. So here five very useful Chrome extensions are discussed that fill the gap of Gmail’s functionality and expand its potential. These Chrome add-ons may help you to learn keyboard shortcuts, encrypt messages, and much more. So let’s have a look at a few add-ons that fill some patches in Gmail’s functionality and assist you to keep your inbox under control. There are five Chrome Extensions for Gmail which are listed and discussed below:

Attachment IconsChrome Browser

You must have noticed a paperclip icon to the right of your email message that notifies you that you have an attachment. It only signifies that you have attachment, but doesn’t tell of what kind. To see what file is attached; you have to open each message even if you’re not willing to deal with that file at that particular moment.

Chrome’s Attachments for Gmail extension change these various types of paperclips into easy-to-identify icons. It changes the paperclip into a file-specific icon and in this way you may know it easily that what has been sent to you without opening the file. This google crhome extension let you to identify attachments as you scroll through your inbox. Now when you can see what is there is which attachment, you can open only the one you need and download it immediately. It supports file formats including PDF, ZIP, and Microsoft Word.


Gmail’s interface is designed in a way that you have to choose or open a message without performing any other activity on it. Although it doesn’t irritates you if you have to do it once, twice, or thrice. But if you have to do it again and again, it consumes your precious time which you may devote on some other productive tasks.

This google chrome extension adds up to four action buttons —archive, delete, mark as spam, or mark as read/unread right next to every message in your inbox so that you can process it with just one tap or click. The aftermath is a quicker path to inbox zero.

Secure Mail

This extension is a must if you frequently send and receive sensitive material via Gmail. It encrypts your messages and allows only intended users to decrypt them when they try to read the text.

To perform a secure transaction, you just need to click on the lock icon. When you click on this icon, Secure Mail adds next to Gmail’s compose button and it encrypts your written message and appends password with it. In this way it secures your emails and only those users can decrypt the message that has Secure Mail extension and the password

Checker Plus


This is a very useful extension and very popular among the users because it allows you to organize your messages without ever opening Gmail. It resides in your google chrome browser and you can find it as a small button with an unread message counter in the same browser. To preview new email, including the first line of text and sender image, click on this button for a drop-down window. From the Checker Plus interface, you can open, mark as read, or delete messages, and manage your messages without opening Gmail.

Checker Plus also includes desktop notifications via sound alerts, pop-up windows, or voice notifications just in case you’re too busy in browsing and can’t notice that the message counter climbing.


Gmail already has a ton of keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work and increase your productivity. But it’s quite difficult to memorize all of them and also it slows your speed down when you look down to them each time to use them.

KeyRocket can help you in this case as it teaches you the Gmail shortcuts by tracking your moves and suggests key-combos for each mouse-and-click action. If you use these combinations on a regular basis, you’ll be expert in using them in no time.