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3D Scanning- Know Everything about It

3D scanning is a method of gathering digital information of body shape using tools that has light or laser to measure space between the body and the scanner. The non-contact and non-destructive scanning technique uses lines of laser light catching the exact size and shape...

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Mobile App’s Impact on E-commerce

The mobile devices and technology has a great impact on both consumers and business in the past few years, particularly on the E-Commerce business. The impact will be even more dominant in the coming years. It is expected that usage of mobile data will grow...

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What does delete, erase, swipe, shred, or reset Signify

Often people misunderstand that the terms wipe, shred, delete and erase are interchangeable and have the similar meaning. This is misinterpretation because each term is used for different activity. If you want to delete a file, you don’t need to delete it. You don’t need...

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