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Initially, all PCs perform at their best but as the time passes, one or more technical errors start disturbing the smoothness and swiftness with which they function. Tech issues like blue screen error, OS crashed and/or infected with unremovable malicious files, etc. Most of the people come across such glitches tend to uninstall and reinstall their operating system. But there are a variety of factors that lead to reinstallation failure. Fortunately, factory resetting the victim laptop or PC is an excellent option that aid users to get rid of the problem even if they forgot or lost the device’s password. With below aid by HP Technical Support professionals, let’s have the advantage of using these outstanding methods to reset.

We’ll learn about what’s factory reset and how can we factory reset our HP computer without the password.

What’s Factory Reset?

Factory reset refers to the process of restoring the device to its originally manufactured settings. It will delete all the data stored in that machine. As the factory reset will remove all the files, documents, etc., it is better to execute the process after taking proper backups so as to evade any concern due to data loss.

How Can You Factory Reset Your HP Computer Without the Password?
The two excellent methods that even the experienced HP Technical Support mavens follow in order to factory reset HP desktop without a password are as follows:

Method 1: Factory reset after logging into OS

Do you want to reset your computer but forgotten the Windows login password? You are recommended to execute the process after recovering the password. If enable to re-access your system, go with ‘Reset Windows Account Password’. After that, follow the below steps:
Step 1: Go to Start -> Settings -> Update & Security.
Step 2: Click the ‘Recovery’ option that’s present in the left pane.
Step 3: Tap ‘Get started’ existing under the ‘Reset this computer’ section.
Step 4: Below ‘Choose an option’, click ‘Remove everything’.
Step 5: Hit ‘Remove files & clean the drive’ button followed by continuing with the onscreen steps to finish the factory reset process.

Method 2: Factory Reset by HP Recovery Manager

This is a tactic that aid you to reset your HP computer to default even without logging into the desktop.
Step 1: Start your HP desktop and hit ESC + F11 or F11 repeatedly.
Step 2: When ‘Choose an option’ dialog box display on the system screen, click ‘Troubleshoot’.
Step 3: Tap ‘Recovery Manager’.
Step 4: In ‘HP Recovery Manager’ dialog box or window, click ‘Factory Reset’.
Step 5: To finish the process of resetting your HP computer without any password, continue with the wizard.

Conclusion: Both the aforementioned methods have their own merits like the 2nd one is simple in comparison to the 1st whereas the first one allows you to backup your vital data. Hence, go for any of the two as per your preference. However, if want any kind of assistance, contact HP Customer Support experts. These methods are also operative on HP Computer with Windows 10 OS.