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There is no doubt over the extensions that make web browsers more effective than they actually are. Getting the best browser is all about the extensions you select, as a vast collection of extensions are there of Safari browser. These extensions will help you in a situation and make your browser more productive.

  1. Adblock – Productivity

It is one of the most powerful extensions, as long as you have hatred interruptive advertisements across the internet. It takes only a few seconds to remove all types of ads from several websites. Hence, if you like to have an ad free browsing then you will love Adblock.



  1. Pocket – Productivity

This revolutionary extension lets you to save articles without internet. By using simple button, you will be able to save articles for later reading from different platforms and devices like, Smartphone, PCs and Tablet. More so, Pocket provides a far gripping reading experience, with its eye friendly layouts as well as tagging and labeling options too.


  1. Pin It Button – Bookmarking

It is the most popular extension, because all people like to share what you love with your closet friends or others. By using this extension, you will be able to make your Pinterest library rich in few clicks. When you come across the sharable content, simply click the button and you can share the content with others.



  1. Awesome Screenshot – Photos

If you are looking for an intuitive, effective option to take screenshot from web pages? You can do it easily! There are lots of impressive features like the ability to crop screenshot, add blurring effects and even annotate them by adding a splendid set of elements. Apart from that, you have an option to immediately share screenshots with others.



  1. ClickToFlash – Productivity

Are you worried with Flash elements like video and interactive stuff, interrupting browsing experience? There is a solution for this. ClickToFlash extension lets you to block flash content. Instead of the flash content, it offers a placeholder that will open the actual content.



  1. New York Time Updates – News

With this lovable extension, you will update with the headlines of the New York Times and the extensions makes use of RSS feeds to bring latest content to you. New York Times Updates will be helpful extension for those users who like reading this regularly.



  1. Turn Off the Lights – Entertainment

Assume you are watching an interesting YouTube video and you find other elements in the same page that are disturbing you. Using Turn Off the Lights, a comprehensive extension that lets to turn your focus into that video by dimming other portion of the page.



  1. Firebug Lite for Safari – Developer

It is an extension to develop better websites by using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. With this extension, you will not only view code of the web page but also edit the site and see the changes.


  1. LastPass – Security

Are you fed up with filling personal details such as name, address, phone number, etc.? Well, LastPass is an extension that enables to store your passwords and even form filling data in a better way which will easily accessible during browser sessions.



  1. SafariRestore – Productivity

This powerful extension helps to manage browsing sessions in an easy to understand manner.


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