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Internet is an open market place for all where millions of free as well as commercial products and projects are available. There are many free programs which are in facet better than a few of commercially available product that a computer user should have in order to maintain the performance as well as security of the computer.  Programs that belong to that must have programs list have been broken down into ten different categories.

10 free Programs for PC

Antivirus and Anti-malware Programs

Most of the PC users realize that their computers need protection so, they have got antivirus program from their computer manufacturer. However, most of them don’t realize that there are free programs also which are as capable of as commercial ones and even in some cases they may be better than them. So one may go for such free program which are already protecting the devices of millions of users.


E-mail is another service that you can use for free. Today, most users use online e-mail solutions like Yahoo, Gmail, etc. However, there are many users who are using Outlook which not a free program as it is a part of Microsoft Office Suite. They all are suggested to use free e-mail solutions like Yahoo, and Gmail as they are equally safe and effective.

Backup Solutions

There are several backup programs are available for computers in free as well as commercial category. Till now, people were using traditional approaches to store their data and they have been doing it locally. There is more risk associated with the traditional methods means if there is any natural calamity like your house were to catch fire, your backup disk is damaged or lost, house robbery, etc. so it is recommended to all the computer users, use online backup solutions to keep their data safe even if the worst accident encounters.

Web Browsers

Although Microsoft Internet Explorer comes by default on Windows computers however, it doesn’t restrict computer users to use other free browsing programs. There are multiple excellent free alternatives that you can try which may be faster, more secure, and more useful in some cases as many of them various options.

Office Suite

There is no doubt that an Office suite such as Microsoft Office is a very useful set of applications, but it is one of the most expensive programs that you install on your computers. There are many free solutions which are as good as Microsoft Office so, why to install such expensive programs.

Compression Utility

Often when you download files on the Internet, you’ll encounter a .zip, .rar, or other compressed file eventually. You cannot open compressed files without decompressing them. There are various utilities to compression utilities like 7-Zip that are very useful and comes for free.

Disc Ripper and Creation Utility

You can rip the data from an audio CD, or create an audio or data CD/DVD, OR create a CD from a .ISO file for free using the free disc ripper and creation utility.

Image Editor, Paint Program, and Picture Organizer

There are multiple amazing solutions to edit, create, and organize your images on your computer for free. There are many programs available there to do these tasks for you and cost you several dollars, but there are free programs also which are able of performing what a commercial image editor can do for you.


There are multiple free multimedia programs with different capabilities and limitations which allow you to listen to recorded audios and watch movies and videos for free.

FTP, SFTP, and SSH Utility

An FTP utility or an SSH client is very important tool for the users who maintain their own web page as they need to upload or download files to or from a server. You can find multiple commercial programs which are cable of doing this for you, but why to spend money when you can find the programs with same potential for free.

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