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Suppose your iPhone 5s is afflicted with a problem and needs immediate fixing. There is no need to panic as we are providing 10 common iPhone 5s afflictions and their possible remedies for your reference right away:


1.      Blue screen of death

Sometimes you might find yourself in a soup especially when running some specific apps on your iPhone 5s as you might find your phone in a blue screen of death almost immediately followed by a reboot. To get out of this hole, you are advised to always ensure that you back out of documents before you tap the Home button.

2.      Faulty sensors

At times, you might find that the sensors in your iPhone 5s such as gyroscope, accelerator, etc. are not giving accurate results. Faced with such a glitch, the only choice you are left with, as of now, is to ask for a replacement from your local Apple store.

3.      Noisy and rattling buttons

Sometimes, you might complain that the Power button rattles and the Home button clicks loudly as and when your phone is shaken. In case, this happens due to a loose battery, the people at Apple store should be able to fix it else you have to tell yourself not to get annoyed and put up with the noisy and rattling buttons.

4.      The 5-second typing lag

Sometimes, you might also have a complaint that there is a 5-sec type lag (each letter being displayed about five seconds after having been typed) especially when you have updated to iOS 7.1. In this particular case, you must reset your iPhone 5s by pressing the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously. If this also doesn’t do the trick, you are advised to go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

5.      iMessage not working

At times, you might find yourself reporting that you are not able to send iMessages. In such an odd case, you are advised to restart your phone as that’s the only possible cure (it’s a different matter altogether that the advice may or may not work, but it’s surely worth a try).

6.      Can’t use personal hotspots

Sometimes, you might have the problem of not being able to user use personal hotspots any longer. Quite sadly and unfortunately, there is no cure for this problem, as of now.

7.      Touch ID not working for iTunes purchases

This issue was fixed by Apple in its 7.0.1 update. So in case, you have any such problem, ensure (by going to Settings > General > Software Update on your iPhone) that you have this all important and vital update.

8.      iBeacon continues working

You might complain someday that your iPhone 5s’ iBeacon does not halt even after closing an iBeacon-enabled app. As of now, there is no way out for disabling iBeacon. We know this is annoying especially in case, you do not like being tracked all the time. But, we are helpless and you have to bear with us till some solution is found out to fix this rather nagging and jarring issue.

9.      Overheating and battery drain

There may be days when you might report that your iPhone 5s is overheating hands-in-glove with rapid drain of the phone battery. You may overcome this problem by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons simultaneously leading to rebooting of your iPhone and then paying close and intense attention to what you are doing with your phone when it overheats next time.

10.  Microphone not working

You might also have an issue with your microphone not picking up your voice clear enough. To resolve this issue, first, discard the protective film on the screen of your iPhone 5s. See if the microphone works alright now. If not, you can go in to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn Phone Noise Cancelation off as a second possible cure.

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