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Are you worried with slow browsing speed of Firefox? If yes, then it is right time to forget all your worries because there are several handy, convenient addons available for free and new ones created any time. When addon stops working, you don’t have any issues to find a useful alternative. So don’t confused and get ready to choose the best one from existing wonderful addons. At this time, you have to do the hard work and picked out best Firefox addons that will increase your daily browsing habits.

Tile Tabs


Tile Tabs is much more than attractive eye-candy. This strong add-on allows you to work with different websites at once thorough presenting opened tabs in a grid which you can recognize and resize well. Tile Tabs renders various options which are illustrated in detail on add-on website. Tile Tabs is you new weapon, if you are into a multitasking.



Sometimes it happens, when you filled out a form or done some other work in WordPress and then lost it all because your PC froze, your browser crashed and power went out, and then you have ultimate frustration of online world. Now, Firefox users can rely on Lazarus, it is a from recovery add-on to stop this from happening. Indeed, it keeps everything you type into text boxes and forms in an encrypted database.

Private Tab


This add-on is useful for those users who don’t want to use the Private Browsing mode all the time and want to keep some things secret. Private Tab does what its name says- enables you to open tabs privately. Through Private Tab, you can make private bookmarks as save links which will open in private tabs.



Want to change the look of a website? With Stylish add-on, you can do absolutely that. By applying Cascading Style sheet rules to websites which load into browser, you can change anything from different colors and photos to fonts as well as element positioning. Actually, Stylish gives ability to apply skins to websites as you would apply them to application or desktop. You can write own skins and select from dozens of styles available as free.



NoScript is powerful security add-on that recommended across the Web. It stops cross-site scripting attacks, clickjacking and blocks loading of Java, Flash and other active information on website you don’t believe. NoScript also offers the opt-out DoNotTrack feature and many more necessary tweaks.

Resurrect Pages


Resurrect Pages lets you find cached or mirrored versions of websites so that you can see the even when they seem un-accessible. It will integrate with the error message for unavailable pages, where you will be able to search.



DownThemAll is most popular and simple to use add-on. It acts as a download manger and accelerator which assists you download files from anywhere and enables you to pause and resume downloads.

Clean Links


Clean Links is a great ad-on which translates nested and obfuscated links into plain links. More so, it will remove tracking tags and affiliate from advertising urls.



With this ad-on, you can define what happens, when you single-click or double-click on tabs and the tab bar. It also mange your Firefox sessions, save opened tabs and edit the menus.



It lets you to set global or site zoom levels and change the background colors well. In short, it makes website more adorable.

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